I first became aware of Pamela Taylor as a high-profile organizer of social justice events at Seattle University, where she has been a professor of education for many years. It is a privilege and pleasure to have gotten to know her much better in the last several years as a committed teacher of the peacemaking circle practice. She has traveled far and wide learning the circle, and she is part of a great network of circle practitioners and teachers in our region in and around Seattle. Her long experience as a teacher, her deep skills as a listener, and her commitment to addressing racism, are some of the special qualities she brings to the circles she keeps. She is one of the most committed peacemaking circle keepers I have had the honor to sit in a circle with. -Mary P.

I can’t express to you how impactful our Level I training was the other weekend. I left feeling both exhilarated and centered. Your facilitation, our intimate group of women, and the surrounding nature made it so special. Thank you for your offering and for putting it together! -Paulina P.

“Fundamental to the success of any effort involving other human beings is to connect deeply and honestly, early and on-going. Dr. Taylor’s compassion, humor, and consummate skill in bringing diverse people, even strangers, into close communion make everything else that a team, a class, an organization, agency, or campaign to both satisfy in its process and succeed in its work.” -Dr. Nancy Glock-Grueneich

“Lots of positive feedback about Tuesday’s workshop. So grateful that you  came to our school.”

“Thanks again for a fantastic and meaningful weekend… I laughed, I cried, I can’t wait for the sequel!”

La Conversacion

“Great work yesterday. Everything was woven together into a beautiful tapestry. I was very moved. Thank you!”

“I just wanted to say thank you for a great experience this past Saturday. I can’t stop thinking about all the wonderful people I met in the circle and the impact their words had on me.”

“Thank you so much for facilitating yesterday’s … circle. I found the experience powerful and meaningful. You did a wonderful job setting creating a space of openness where participants could expose their authentic selves.”

“Thank you so much for holding the space for the … Circle yesterday. I am full of many thoughts and feelings today. The process of listening and being listened to was very strong. I believe I listen a lot to many people in my work. I rarely have the experience of being listened to in the form that you created yesterday. It was both the structure that you use, but also your skill in working with that structure…”

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