The Circle Works

This is an exciting time to work together to create the world we want for ourselves and those we care about. Circle Work utilizes restorative processes that draw from both ancient and modern practices to bring about and restore balance. Contact us to learn how we can help you build and maintain peace and harmony within yourself, your relationships, workplace, classrooms and schools, businesses, etc.  Check out our upcoming events to learn more about the possibilities of Circle Work.

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Upcoming Workshops

Peace Circles for Racial Healing

Inaugural PMC

What is Racial Healing?

“Racial healing is a process we can undertake as individuals, in communities and across society as a whole. In healing, we recognize our common humanity, acknowledge the truth of past wrongs and build the authentic relationships capable of transforming communities and shifting our national discourse. Many organizations are taking up this essential work. . . .  All of us can learn how to promote racial healing and contribute to building the equitable society our children deserve.”

~La June Montgomery Tabron, President, and CEO – W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Contact us to schedule or check back for information about upcoming Racial Healing Circles.

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Restorative Justice and Us

New podcast explores restorative community

The Metta Center for NonViolence invited Restorative Resources director Susan Kinder to talk about our program on their latest podcast. Listen below, as Susan points out how restorative justice is really about us “being human together.”


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Repairing our schools through restorative justice: Jean Klasovsky

Relying on suspensions and zero-tolerance discipline doesn’t deter misbehavior in schools–in fact, it makes matters worse. Teacher Jean Klasovsky shares Farragut High School’s story, a model for how schools can improve climate and discipline by using restorative justice practices such as peace circles and peer juries. Such practices lead to reduced dropout rates and greater student achievement.

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Introduction to Restorative Justice

Introduction to Restorative Justice by Mark Umbreit from Restorative Justice Center on Vimeo.

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Circles for Reconciliation

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